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Did Toyota Just Fix The MK5 Supra With a Simple Modification?

It wasn’t all that long ago that performance enthusiasts were clamoring for a new Toyota Supra. Year after year, those waiting around to see if Toyota would finally make the move would constantly be teased, only to find out that the calendar had turned yet again without any new Supra insight. However, 2020 would eventually come around and Toyota finally decided to answer the calls for a new version of the icon.

When the car originally came out, it was definitely met with a little bit of a polarizing outlook. Because the Supra was based on BMW architecture, the watercooler talk definitely went back-and-forth over if this collaboration was truly doing the car any justice. Fast forward a couple of months and we find that the machine is more than capable as it has even found its way to break into the eight-second range in a quarter-mile with a little bit of modification.

However, automotive personality, Rob Ferretti argues that the gripes with the MKV Supra aren’t exactly about what’s under the hood. Instead, as the car has proven itself to be capable, it has given enthusiasts just one last category that some would like improved. That category is the looks.

As some have noted, while the car is something new, the collaboration with BMW really shows through a little bit too much. Sure, there is some inspiration drawn from Supras of the past. However, if they were to re-badge this thing as a BMW, it would be completely believable. Therefore, it seems like Toyota might even be considering releasing another version of the car to appease those who hold the stance.

Down in the video below, we follow along with Ferretti as he introduces us to the “Heritage Edition” Supra that Toyota had designed for SEMA. The new version of the car is a little bit more aggressively styled and features a wing similar to what one would find on a classic Supra MKIV. These modifications aren’t over the moon but they definitely bring back a sweet sense of nostalgia from the car that really got the momentum behind the Supra name going.

It’s not exactly clear if this model will ever make it to production or not but if it does, we think that there would definitely be some happy customers ready to hand over their money for the Heritage Edition.


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