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Diesel Camaro? Duramax Camaro SS – First Drive

One of the most beautiful parts of the car culture is that you can literally combine any parts that you want with any platform that you want to come up with something new and unique that is totally your own.

This fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro most definitely falls into that one of a kind category as it boasts an engine that we’re quite confident a newer Camaro has never seen before.

Instead of the factory 6.2L that comes stock in the SS, this Camaro has undergone some modification to squeeze in a 2010 LMM Duramax Diesel engine that’s backed up by a 6L90 transmission.

As far as mods go, the car has an EGR delete and a custom EFI Live DSP5 done by Pela Motorsports in Palm Beach. It isn’t that worked, but we bet that this thing gets up and goes!

Check out the video below that showcases the oddest sound that you’ve ever heard come from the exhaust of a 2010 Camaro. What do you think of this swap?