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Diesel Flatbed Takes on the World and Beats It!

The world of drag racing has always seemed to be dominated by lightweight and agile sports cars. Naturally, when racers start adding power to these things, they are a lot easier make go fast not only because of the power to weight ratio but also because the lack of weight is a lot easier on all of the parts in between that are already beefed up to start with. In the long run, it might save a couple of bucks to race something lighter. It’ll probably end up being a lot more effective as well.

However, the trend of racing trucks has been coming around strong and seems to have gotten to the point where it’s here to stay! These days, when someone rolls up in 4×4 pickup, we never know if it’s going to be quick. If it’s powered by a diesel engine, you’d better take a second look. These things will sneak up and bite you when you’re least expecting it! No matter what the truck looks like, it could end up being a sleeper. Even if it is equipped with a functional flatbed, it might just be able to pack a punch.

This time, “Beyond the 1320” at the Winter Meltdown is the scene of the action. This video showcases a work truck that really ends up being a surprise. To the unsuspecting eye, nobody expected this thing to win. When looking at the competition here, it isn’t exactly novices. Instead, we check out a collection of respectable drag racing machines taking a crack at the action. Instead, the 4×4 uses all four wheels to blast to the front!

Ride along with the heavyweight experience down in the video below and tell us what you think of this collection of races. This big bad truck is opening up a can of whoop-ass on everyone!

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