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Diesel Trucks Gone Wild – Top 5 Fast Diesels of 2016!

Back in the day, when diesel engines were applied to consumer pickup trucks to be used for hauling heavy personal loads, we’re pretty sure that the originator who came up with this plan probably never saw the trucks getting to the point where they managed to roll to today.

In recent years, diesel performance has really blasted its way into the drag racing scene in a strong way. In fact, they even have entire events now that are dedicated solely to diesel racing machines which are built to get down the quarter mile in the quickest amount of time possible.

This time, we check out a collection of videos from the BigKleib34 2016 library that outlines five of the channel’s favorite trucks to boogie on down the strip all of last year. Some of these machines are incredibly impressive, even bursting into the single digit range in the quarter with as many as three turbos!

Be sure to check out the flick below that showcases some mighty wild Cummins and Duramax power that yanks these trucks along with some pretty insane power and torque levels that really show up on the drag strip with their elapsed times. Seeing vehicles this heavy rolling this fast is really something special!