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Digging Into A $1000 Auction Powerstroke – How Good Could It Be?

There’s something within us all that really loves to find a good deal. There’s just something about acquiring an item at a price way below market value that almost makes someone feel like they’re getting away with something. This can be especially true in the world of vehicles. Sometimes, there are very clear examples of purchasing a vehicle for much less than its market value. Sometimes, it might even be something popular like a diesel truck that is the subject of this discussion.

This time, we get to take a dive in quite the unique auction story that yielded an amazing find. Every once in a while, we see commercial auctions pop up when businesses are looking to unload some of their assets. This might be anything from work trucks to heavy equipment and just about everything in between. One can never really know what they might find when rolling up to an auction like this. For those who have a keen sense for different parts that can be used and have a high-value, this could be the perfect opportunity for them. They might even make a little bit of money or find something for their personal collection.

In this particular auction, we learn of the story of a mislabeling of an item that ended up panning out in the bidder’s favor big-time. When browsing through the inventory, the man telling the story here says that every truck listed in the auction was said to be gasoline powered. However, he managed to find one in the mix that was, in fact, powered by a Powerstroke diesel. Because of this, the truck would be worth much more money. However, he was still able to take it home for a cool $1000. That definitely seems like quite the steal for a one owner truck with 150,000 miles on it! How good of a deal was it really? By checking out the video below, we find out just that.


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