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Digging Into the Newest Ferrari: The F8 Tributo

When it comes to complete automotive reviews, Doug DeMuro is definitely a top go-to guy. Because of his thoroughness, we really get to take a look at some of the hottest cars on the market in a way like not too many reviews show us. Because of this, we get a completely different look at some cars that we might’ve been convinced we were familiar with.

This time, the likelihood is that most aren’t going to be too familiar with the model in question. New for 2020, Ferrari has come out with the F8 Tributo. Coming in with a price tag north of $300,000, it leads us to wonder what exactly that kind of cash can buy us.

As DeMuro describes the car, he informs us that the intention is to replace the Ferrari 488. The 488 stopped production last year with the final model year being 2020. Doug also informs us that the car will look to turn up the volume just a little bit. The F8 seems to top the 488 in more ways than one, including power production. That’s an exciting promise as the 488 definitely found its way into the hearts of many Ferrari lovers. Thinking of something even better sends a chill down the spine. Cracking open the throttle on this thing is going to be special!

By following along with the video below, we get to really get up close and personal with one of the latest and greatest Ferraris to market. These days, pretty much anything with the Ferrari emblem on it is probably going to be impressive. We think that the F8 Tributo will follow nicely in those footsteps.

After digging into this one, be sure to chime in with what you think about the latest Ferrari. Given that this thing costs more than most houses, we get a feeling that the offering will be special.