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Dinan V10 Track Engine Glows Purple on the Dyno

Dinan is a well-know BMW performance parts supplier and tuner, and pretty much everything that rolls out the door of their Morgan Hills California shop is purely badass.

One arena they specialize in is full-tilt engine builds that turn your sporty daily driver into a road going beast that will make you wake up looking forward to your commute. For example, BMW’s already impressive 5.0 liter V10 is more than capable of providing drivers with a spirited driving experience. Dinan takes that platform and injects it with a healthy dose of wickedness that pushes the power output over 700 horsepower, all without the addition of a power adder. That’s right, over seven hundred naturally aspirated ponies on tap with no waiting!

Dinan bored and stroked the 5.0 out to 5.8 liters and dropped in their custom camshafts. Added to that is a dry sump oiling system and a slick tuned race exhaust to complete the package. Check out the cool purple glow from the exhaust as the engine screams on the dyno!