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Dirtbike Rider Jumps Train Tracks to Run From the Cops, Just Like an Action Movie

When pushing the limits of exactly what you can do on a dirt bike, some riders will try as hard as they possibly can to come up with the most jaw-dropping exhibitions possible, even if it means kicking up the adrenaline to a level where injury is on the line. In this one, we tune in as a rider is taking it above and beyond in terms of danger as he has decided that he wants to try and jump over a set of train tracks while the police are on his tail. It’s not exactly the safest or most legal thing that we have ever seen but I guess it does make for a pretty neat video beings as we aren’t the ones participating here.

Originally, this stunt had come about as an attempt to jump over a moving train to match a previous attempt by another rider but when police caught wind of it, they would do everything that they could to prevent it from happening again. Therefore, they showed up to the scene, attempting to block the rider who was getting ready to make the jump, however, as he ended up being incredibly determined to make the ascent, he decided just go for it, clearing the railroad tracks and touching down on the other side where the police would struggle to keep up with chasing him so he decided to just make his way away from the scene.

Follow along with the video below that really does all that it possibly can in the name of entertainment.This is definitely one of those videos that we would slap the good old trusty “do not try this at home” label on and I think that it’s pretty easy to see why.

However, even though you might not be willing to try something like this for yourself, it’s definitely something that can get the adrenaline flowing, even from the most comfortable position on your couch.


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