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Disabled Man Goes for a “Ride in a Racecar” Thanks to Virtual Reality

A lot of times, you could look at technology and wonder why we delegate our resources to certain things that seemed to be meaningless. However, there are also a lot of times where we take one good looking something that technology has produced and we can’t help but smile for a minute because of the good that it’s doing in the world. At first, virtual reality video games might not be the biggest breakthrough in the universe but to this gentleman, it turns out that these kind of games are a lot more important than they look to be on the surface.

“In 2009, a close friend of ours was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenuous Leukemia, a form of cancer that required an extensive stay in a local children’s hospital. With the inability to walk or even stand, his activity was limited. His only escape from the stark reality he faced was plugging in his PS2 and escaping to a world with more adventure than his.”

Gamer’s Gift is a “nonprofit that aims to use Video Games and other electronic media to alleviate some of the psychological stress caused by prolonged hospital stays.” Thanks to them, this young man that goes by the name of Dominic was able to get a bit of an escape. With the help of technology, it now turns out that the escape provided by his PS2 might have just gotten a little bit bigger as this time, we see it firsthand when Dominic is able to get the sensation of getting behind the wheel of a racecar thanks to a virtual reality headset.

Ride along in the video down below as we get to see the heartwarming moment that brings a smile to his face when he almost looks like he can feel the g-forces of a car rumbling around corners. While many might look at technology like virtual reality gaming and wonder what good it really does, seeing a video like this really bring things around full circle and put them into perspective to show you exactly what kind of magic a system like this can accomplish.