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Distracted Driver Takes Out Semi Truck

Distracted driving is one really bad idea that could have you doing something frivolous like checking a text message from your friend about where you’re going to eat tonight and turning into something that’s a big deal that will really have you wishing that you just waited a couple of minutes until you were at a stop to check your phone. When you look at a situation like this, you might think that it’s an isolated incident but in reality, if you text while driving, something like this could be what’s about to happen around the corner.

In this one, we take a look at it distracted driver who was just poking their way along the highway, during the Super Bowl, as we can hear on the radio from the truck that’s following behind. Before long, the attention that has been diverted from the highway ends with quite the incident as the car ends up clipping a barrier, flying across the highway, and doing some big-time damage. The tractor-trailer that was falling behind didn’t have enough time to react to the incident or even slow down, therefore, causing it to slam into the back of the car and it would appear as if the rig rolled on its side.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be thrust straight into the situation that had this distracted driver causing some big-time damage. If this video could serve one purpose, we would hope that it really hits home for those who like to text and drive. Also, the situation might seem like a long shot but it’s a lot more common than you might think because there are lots of situations that you can get tangled up in where you don’t want to be in behind the wheel. Hopefully, all parties involved ended up being alright as this one is pretty scary to watch unfold.