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Dive Inside How Your Favorite Whipple Superchargers Are Made

When you’re putting together a machine to go fast, sometimes, natural aspiration just isn’t enough. When the need to throw a power adder into the mix arises, a supercharger could be your forced induction of choice. They’ve been used thousands of times and have seen success on a variety of different platforms.

By helping to compress and force air into the engine, a supercharged application is sure to make more power than an engine with no means of power adder at all should everything else remain constant. Most of us are familiar with the way the supercharger works but something that many have probably not seen are the behind the scenes of how exactly a supercharger is put together.

With something like this, you can’t simply slap some parts together and hope that they hold up to the abuse of spinning at thousands of rpm and the intense heat that comes with it. The process to put the parts together has to be precise so that they can most efficiently spin to their maximum efficiency to create as much power as possible all without giving the operator much of an issue as they drive the car. Nobody wants to be driving along with their supercharged machine just to have parts flying in every which direction. That definitely would be a call for a bad day.

In this one, the folks at Whipple Superchargers help us to dive into the practice of exactly how superchargers are put together from bearings being pushed together to pins holding things in place and everything in between that’s needed to make sure that you’re getting a precisely crafted power adder to fulfill all of your boosted fantasies. Check out the video below that will take you through each step in the process that has gone into bringing together that supercharger that’s working out under your hood, waiting to crack open that throttle and deliver as much power as humanly possible.


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