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DIY Electric Surfboard Makes Personal Water Travel Simple

With a couple of words like “DIY” and “electric” in the title that also goes along with something that goes in the water, we’re going to just recommend that maybe you consult a professional before trying this one on your own. We definitely don’t want anybody to mix electricity and water who doesn’t really know what they’re doing, however, watching someone else on YouTube is definitely something that can provide a little bit of entertainment as you could see all kinds of bright minds project their ideas onto a page that you can then consume for yourself.

In this one, just as the title infers, we are checking out an individual who has been going through his paces in order to create a sort of self-propelled surfboard with the use of an electric motor. It might sound like something that’s relatively straightforward, however, as you see in the video, different things like the use of materials all the way to how he can make this thing balance on its own pop up and create quite the rocky road toward getting to exactly where the surfboard needs to be. Like they say, nothing worth doing is easy, now is it?

It really seems like the entertainment factor in this one is not only in the finished product but how exactly this individual grew his idea from nothing more than a thought to something material that we see in front of us. As most things go, the process wasn’t a simple one like the creator probably wished for but instead provided lots of twists and turns and unique challenges that this bright mind had to overcome in order to get to his vision. When you get to look at the final product after such a challenge being able to use it is probably that much more rewarding.