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DIY Plastic welding

When it comes to working around the garage, it’s almost a process where you never stop learning. There is always another trick that you can pick up here and there to make your job go by easier and this time, we show off a tip that you may never have heard of before that could make your life better.

Sure, you know about regular welding that binds metals together but did you know that you can “weld” plastic as well? The process also happens with some simple tools that you might already have laying around the shop to begin and takes only a few minutes.

With a hot soldering iron and a simple motion, melted plastic can be pushed together in many applications to get rid of the crack in a part that might be expensive to go and replace but not quite worth heading out and buying the replacement part. This could work for all kinds of applications even ones that aren’t found in the garage.

Check out the video below that shows you how plastic can be welded and tell us what you think of this method that brings this crack to be whole again in a piece of plastic that looks like it needed some major attention.