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DIY Welding with Car Batteries and Jumper Cables

Welding is a skill possessed by many a car guy, as well as fabricators and tinkerers around the globe. Most of them use actual purpose built welding machines to supply the power for their tasks, however one intrepid YouTuber shows us that isn’t always necessary. This guy, whose channel is called Rinoa Super-Genius, simply builds his own welder by strapping together a group of car batteries, connecting them in series using jumper cables, and using repurposed welding rods from a construction site dumpster.

The only real modifications needed to the setup is stripping one of the standard jumper cable alligator clips and swapping it for an actual welding clip. He walks us through the setup, then shows what happens at various voltage, varied by the number batteries feeding power to the welder. The difference is easily seen as batteries are added, with the host being able to actually weld two pieces of metal together once the third cell is added, and getting big sparks with the fourth! Next time you need to join a couple of pieces of metal together and you don’t have a welder handy, here’s the roadmap to solving your problem!

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