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DJ Pauly D Goes Lambo Shopping at Dan Bilzerian’s House

If there’s one thing that you might have noticed about the America of today, it’s that you can get rich and famous for pretty much anything. While some might see this as a dangerous way to live, others are really enjoying the fruits of the way that the system is set up as it allows literally anybody who does anything to somehow twist their situation into one that could make them money. If you don’t believe us, just look at the cast of the Jersey Shore that originally started out being famous for getting drunk, going tanning, and getting in fights at nightclubs.

All that might not seem like the most prestigious way live our life but I guess that being paid insane amounts of money to belligerently party at the beach isn’t exactly the worst lifestyle to live. On top of it all, pretty much every member of the show would end up spinning off their fame into some other avenue that would make them even more money and just recently, we’ve seen that they are getting another show that’s going allow them to skip around at the Jersey beaches once again and collect copious amounts of cash for doing pretty much nothing.

Just how rich are these folks, though? Well, we figured that since the cast has come back together to give it to get another shot at partying out in Jersey, we would throw it back to the moment that DJ Pauly D went Lambo shopping at Dan Bilzerian’s house and picked himself up a $450,000 Lamborghini Aventador. Sources say that the famous DJ is worth north of $20 million, not including whatever he’s currently raking in as he goes through his televised reunion with all of his old pals from the shore that is sure to be a complete disaster yet again!