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DJI Mavic vs. 60,000 Watt Wind Current… Insane Sound System

In the camera market today, drones look to be the hot new thing with everybody shopping around and looking to get their hands on one. While it is arguable which is the best, that’s a whole other debate that we’re not going to get into today. Instead, we’re bringing you a little display that puts one drone, in particular, up against an incredible sound system pumping out 60,000 earth shattering watts, enough to change the flow of the air for sure. The idea here for our buddies over at Triple-X Motorsports was probably to just record another one of bass head, Jonathan Price’s, demo session but it ended up being drone vs airwaves to see if this thing could fly through the turbulence.

If you’ve ever heard of JP and his monstrous Chevrolet Tahoe, you know this is one of the most bumping set of speakers in the business so it will be interesting to see exactly what comes of all of this. I wouldn’t consider this to be ideal as far as flying conditions go but it looks like the drone is up for the challenge anyway, hovering right near the demonstration as Price puts on a song that’s loaded up with bass and goes to town, trying to show a curious onlooker what this incredible system is all about and how it’s built up the reputation that it has.

Check out the video below as the drone flys nearby for a while before things start to get just a little bit shaky. Will the machine be able to endure the sound waves or will it eventually be shaken all the way to the ground? The only way to find out is to hop into it and get to action because this is quite the one of a kind display that you’re going to want to check out for yourself!

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