Do Any of the Plastic Trim Restoring Products Actually Work? This Guy Tested Them All

In a lot of areas, the automotive market is making tons of improvement. Everything ...

In a lot of areas, the automotive market is making tons of improvement. Everything from what’s powering our vehicles to the technology inside has been taking leaps and bounds. However, there are some things that still stay in place from years ago. I guess the old slogan of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes into play here.

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However, one thing that really does seem to be “broke” is plastic trim. Plastic can be really useful and definitely has a place in many vehicle settings. However, the black plastic commonly found on the outside of all sorts of automobiles, even today, really doesn’t always stand up. As far as integrity, sure, the plastic might be able to withstand the years. However, when it comes to how the material deals with UV rays, it doesn’t always end up looking so pretty.

In fact, in the vast majority of cases, after a couple of years pass, almost all black plastic trim ends up losing its luster. It’s debatable whether or not the trim looks good from the factory. However, I don’t think that anybody has exactly gawked over this stuff once the sun has gotten to it and it has faded away.

There’s no need to fret, though, if we ask the major detailing product companies. Instead, there are all sorts of goodies that are designed to be wiped on and bring this black plastic back to life. From personal experience, I can definitely say that some of these products work better than others.

Some might provide shine for the moment but fade away after not much time passes. Others might not work at all. However, this leaves us to wonder if any of these products are really worth it for a long-term fix. Even if it’s something that lasts a couple of years, it might be worth going out and buying.

By following along with the video below from Project Farm, we get to dig into the concept to see which one of these trim restorers does the job best.

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