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Do Black Cars Really Get Hotter?

Do Black Cars Really Get Hotter?

We’ve all heard that black cars, when left in the sun will elevate the internal temperature to levels that are unlivable. Anyone with a darkly colored car can attest to the heat wave that pours out of the door when you get in it on a summer day.

This time, Buzzfeed is here to figure out if having a black car really boosts the temperature inside to a noticeable amount over owning say, a white car.

Their results showed, given their testing conditions, that the black car would reach temperatures 33-degrees Fahrenheit higher than the white car. Does that really translate to the inside? Another study says that black cars use 2% more air conditioning for the same level of cooling.

Check out the video below that presents all of the evidence to us. It even talks about a proposed ban on the future production of black cars – wacky, right? What do you think of this whole debacle?