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Do Cops Like Donuts? PRANK on the POLICE!

Do Cops Like Donuts? PRANK on the POLICE!

There’s a tale, ages old that implies that police officers can’t go without having more than their fair share of coffee and donuts, but to be completely just, who doesn’t love the combo?

Anyhow, this time, these YouTube pranksters set out to see if the old adage was true using some quite unconventional methods to pull a prank on some unsuspecting police officers.

To offer up some sugary treats to a variety of police officers, these guys make use of a remote control police car. The best part- most of the officers find the prank hilarious until they run into one who doesn’t find the prank entirely too funny.

Check out the prank int he video below. What do you think of this creative way of messing with the boys in blue? Do you find it funny or should they leave the police alone to do their job?

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