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Do the Dumbest Truck/Car Products on Wish Live up to the Hype?

For those who haven’t been acquainted with “Wish” just yet, well, you should probably be grateful.

All jokes aside, the platform describes itself as “An American online e-commerce platform that facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers.”

Simple enough, right?

While it sounds like something that resembles eBay or Amazon, Wish ends up getting a little bit rowdier sometimes. There are all sorts of different obscure things that one can find on the site. Many of them absolutely reek of cheap Chinese drop shipped products and it shows. However, there’s definitely a very wide variety of what one might expect to find one perusing the pages of Wish.

This time, though, the guys over at Donut Media take the opportunity to dive into some of the automotive products that one might find on the platform and give them a fair shot. Let’s just say that more often than not these products are kind of crazy ideas that most people familiar with cars realize are likely to perform poorly. However, it could be a fun exercise to purchase some of them and see exactly how they end up performing in the real world.

Could something like an electronic turbo actually do anything? Our common sense knows that this is something that we should probably stay away from but for the sake of experimentation, it’s kind of interesting to see exactly how one functions.

Down in the video below, we explore certain additions that are supposed to make your car better, inside and out. Whether it’s a laser designed to light up the interior or an LED exhaust tip that’s designed to make your car look like it’s shooting flames, there are definitely some interesting products to dig into here.

After watching a video like this, can you say that you would go out and purchase anything on this list that Wish is offering?


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