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Do Not Try This at the Car Wash! Major Damage!

Sometimes, you just have a pretty rough day and need to call it quits until tomorrow. For this guy, when some maintenance was required on a car wash, he would need to bring a lift to the site and happened to forget to address one small detail for driving into the car wash.

You’d think that one of the first things that you would think of when maintaining a car wash would be the clearance between the top of your load and the low-hanging equipment the wash, however, when this Chevrolet S10 driver rolled up in the structure, that didn’t seem to be too apparent to him.

It’s quite cringeworthy to watch as the truck rolls into the wash and its load completely rips off some off the higher components used for cleaning the cars, knocking them down. Hopefully, he didn’t do too much damage in the process of trying to do his job.

Check out the security footage down below that outlines the damage done in a tough situation to explain to either his boss or to whoever had to come out and fix this mess!