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Do You Have a Speedometer That is Misreading? Here is How to Fix it!

When thinking about the list of things that you need to maintain or fix on your ride, there can tend to be the more important issues that you want to get to right away and the less important issues that tend to only annoy you but that nagging might make you want to spend the day doing nothing but knocking all of them out for your ride, bringing it to be whole again. In many cars and trucks, one of those issues might be the fact that the speedometer is off just a little bit. How exactly would one go about fixing such an issue if they have bigger tires are different size wheels than what came on the car from the factory? This time, the guys over at Engineering Explained are about to tell you just that.

Outside of using expensive tuning software in order to recalibrate your car’s computer, there are some cheap alternatives to make sure that your speedometer is dead on the money. You don’t, after all, want to get caught slipping up and doing more than the speed limit, being left to pay a hefty fine because of a simple mistake like this. I know we’re all law-abiding citizens who wouldn’t dare to go over the speed limit here so it would definitely have to be this kind of error that would lead to someone in the Speed Society community getting slapped with a speeding ticket for climbing up over the allowed limit.

Check out the video below as the problem of a faulty speedometer is solved with a simple little yellow box that can help you to reprogram the connection between your speedometer and the car’s speed sensors with just a couple of pushes of a button. After checking out this method of making sure that your speedometer is point on with the GPS monitored speed, be sure to tell us what you think of this method of fixing the problem. Can you think of any other way that you would go about carrying out such a job?


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