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Doc Street Beast vs Deez Nuts Procharged Camaro at Orangeburg SC

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve likely seen, heard or read about Street Outlaw’s new spin-off series, No Prep Kings. What started with the massive no prep events in Bristol and Memphis has become so popular that Discovery Channel gave the series of on-track events its own show. We’ve seen many of the stars of both Street Outlaws shows join the heavy hitters from the no prep world on tracks all across the country to throw down and take home a stack of cash and bragging rights. The video below caught the latest action at Orangeburg Raceway in South Carolina, where the winner’s paycheck was a whopping $40,000!

While most of us know James Goad as the driver of the Reaper SS Camaro on Street Outlaws, he also unveiled a new car at the PRI show in December built just for No Prep racing. Another first gen Camaro, this car – humorously nicknamed Deez Nuts – is powered by a big block being force fed by a massive ProCharger centrifugal supercharger. The car makes a ton of power, and Goad has brought in tuner/fabricator/innovator – and close personal friend of mine – Travis Quillen to help wrangle all that horsepower and make the car go down the track a-to-b as quickly as possible.

For this particular race, Goad drew a gunslinger in fellow 405 list racer “Doc” Love in his Street Beast Monte Carlo. We’ve seen Doc put in work on an unprepped surface so Goad knew he would need a great run to take the win, and he certainly laid one down!

Both cars left hard, but Doc’s hotrod drover toward the wall in his lane, causing him to shut it down, but it honestly doesn’t look like it would have mattered, as Deez Nuts was already out front and made a picture perfect pass, rolling through the stripe with the front left wheel still hiked in the air. If this team can keep this car working so well, they’re liable to have the car to beat in the No Prep Kings world.