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Dodge CEO and his 1971 Challenger at Woodward

Dodge CEO and his 1971 Challenger at Woodward

If you’re a Dodge enthusiast, there are probably a slew of Mopars that you would like to have in the garage at some point in your life and models like this 1971 Dodge Challenger are tough to resist!

It’s so tough to resist, in fact, that it is the apple of Dodge CEO, Tim Kuniskis’s eye! Of all of the choices, this incredibly immaculate first generation E-body is the dream ride of Dodge’s top dog!

Check out the video below that shows off one of the cleanest Challengers we’ve ever seen. Perhaps the coolest part of this car is that nobody other than a Chrysler employee has ever been on the title. Tim will be the fourth in continuing this tradition to be lucky enough to call it his own!

This Challenger/Supra race comes down to the wire.

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