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Dodge Demon Burns Down as Lazy Track Crew Does Their Best to Avoid Putting it Out.

If there’s a situation where time is of the essence, it’s when a fire breaks out. On the drag strip, there are a lot of dangerous things happening at one time. Most of the time, when people practice the correct procedures, days on the strip end up going pretty smoothly. It’s very rare that a catastrophic incident unfolds. Every once in a while, though, there is an emergency that goes down and the safety crew needs to hop to action as quickly as they can.

This time, though, when a fire broke out under the hood of a Dodge Demon, the fire crew didn’t have much urgency. As the story goes, the track crew wanted the driver to shut the car off. However, the driver said that the car simply wouldn’t shut off. Perhaps it was something related to the malfunction that made the car catch on fire.

This somehow would lead to a screaming match and eventually, the fire crew spitefully telling the owner of the car that they weren’t going to put out the fire. It seems as if pride in the moment was more important than preventing the car from going up in flames.

We have to warn you because of your having a good day, the video below might just be a little bit infuriating. Workers at the track can be heard saying “I don’t care about the car,” “let it f*** burn,” and “burn it to the ground then” after the confusion. It’s kind of hard to say that we could see any situation where this type of behavior would be acceptable. Not only is the man’s car burning to the ground but it also gives rise to a massive safety hazard.

We’ve seen some pretty petty things happen on the drag strip. This one takes the cake by quite the margin, though.

We reached out to the track, Milan Dragway, for a statement and have yet to receive a response.