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The Dodge Demon Been Grenading Rear Ends, What’s Going On?!

No matter what vehicle is in question, it always seems like they have at least one weak point. Some vehicles might need to be modified in order to find this weak point. Naturally, though, every vehicle has one. When really abusing vehicles and cranking the power numbers up, something has got to give. Even with a machine like the Dodge Demon, they aren’t bulletproof. It seems as if both factory and modified Demon owners have found a weak point. To make matters even more confusing, fixing it might void the warranty.

It just happens that, for the Demon, that the weakest link is the rear end. It appears that in a variety of cases, the cars have tried to make it down the drag strip, only to have their rear end explode.

The clip that we have here shows the phenomenon twice. One of the vehicles pictured is completely stock. The other, however, is modified to over 1000 hp. While that sounds like a lot and definitely is, it’s not too far from the stock power figure at 840 hp. What both of these cars share in common is that they puked their rear end’s guts on the track. So what gives?

It seems like some enthusiasts have found the answer. By installing a differential brace, most people who have used them report that they’ve had no issues with the rear. However, any sort of modification to the car will void the warranty. That same warranty was one of the most important features of the Demon in the first place! The latest that we have heard of this issue that happened back in February comes from The Drive. They’ve reported that high-level Dodge officials are looking into the issue. After all, all of that power doesn’t do very much good when the car can’t make it off of the starting line.


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