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Dodge Demon Oil Change – What You Should Know

When it comes to the Dodge Demon, it’s really a car that’s designed to be able to take a beating. However, just like any other automobile that you will ever purchase, it also needs to be maintained to make sure that it can keep on taking that beating with each and every burnout, wide open acceleration, and day of fun that you have with it. Just because a car is well-engineered and cranks out a ton of power doesn’t mean that you can just be sloppy with it and let the car go. Instead, you have to make sure that you keep up with the regular maintenance to keep things nice and lubed so the car can keep on spinning tires for hundreds of thousands of miles if not more.

Therefore, as you can probably imagine, the maintenance that goes alongside keeping a car like this is equally as intense. With something like changing the oil, it’s a feat that many will have done at the dealership. This time, we follow along with Demonology, the YouTube channel that’s dedicated to taking us along for the ride with the fastest production car in the world and in this one, we see exactly what a dealership’s responsibility looks when they change the oil in a Demon. According to this Dodge owner, he says that “When having the oil changed on my Hellcat at a quick lube and oil change place they kept handing me 2 quarts of oil on my way out saying that the vehicle could only take 5 quarts.”

Therefore, we learn a bit more about why that might have happened.

In the video below, you’ll be able to watch as the video takes the car to the local Dodge dealer to get that oil change nice and taken care of. It seems like these people just take such good care of the car that it almost makes you want to head in and have them change the oil and do all the maintenance every time, even if this is something that you can manage to do in your own garage.