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Dodge Demon vs Tesla Model S Plaid – Can Combustion Reign Supreme?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on May 3, 2022

Ever since the Tesla Model S Plaid has come out, automotive enthusiasts have been comparing just about everything that we can get our hands on to the electric vehicle. Why is that? Well, Tesla really made an impact when they came out with this high-performance EV. The Plaid would immediately make waves as it became the fastest production car ever to make its way down the quarter-mile, bar none.

Fast forward and this time, we get to watch as the Tesla Model S Plaid goes up against one of the racing community’s favorite production machines.

Just as the Plaid is making waves, the Dodge Demon perhaps made even bigger waves when it came out. Dodge really seemed to shift its focus as they have gifted the enthusiast community all sorts of machines that we never thought we would see quite frankly. The barrage of high-performance offerings has been quite the welcome surprise.

With the Demon, Dodge unleashed its best effort at a production street legal drag racing machine. With that, we would see a supercharged package that creates 840 hp and is filled with all sorts of things out of the box to help the car get down the drag strip.

This time, we check in with a Demon that is almost stock minus a little bit more aggressive tire outback as it goes head to head with a Model S Plaid that is bone stock. Will the drag setup on the Demon be able to overcome the horsepower deficit as the Tesla makes 1020 hp to four wheels, about 180 more than the Demon’s RWD setup?

Down in the video below from DragTimes, we check in with what might just be a passing of the torch moment as Tesla seems to have the baddest car on the streets these days.

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