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Dodge Demon Wrecks Hard on the Track

If you follow along with the SRTMush YouTube channel, you know all about his Dodge Demon and the adventures that he’s had in it, taking us all along for the ride as he has raced and modified this thing to be one of the fastest Demons in the country as the nitrous infused car has rocketed its way to the low 9-second range in the quarter mile. Unfortunately, though, every once in a while, things don’t line up as according to plan and when a situation goes awry, it can mean serious damage for both professionals and weekend warriors alike.

Unfortunately, when heading out to the track on this particular outing, it just so turned out that the cards wouldn’t fall in Mush’s favor as he would attempt to make a couple of test hits to get the car further dialed in, first without nitrous in the passes we see here before trying to get that nitrous dialed in but they wouldn’t make it that far as the first pass out was all that it would take for this night of testing to be cut short.

All in all, the car does look like it’s very much repairable and, most importantly, no injuries occurred so there is a silver lining around the current cloud looming overhead. However, it certainly takes a toll on the psyche after getting into a wreck like that but we’re sure that Mush will come out of this thing swinging.

Instead of dwelling on those negative thoughts, he even took a moment to post the footage along with breaking down exactly what happened and how it all occurred as he has a full telemetry that’s able to show how exactly the whole thing occurred. At the end of the day, I think that Mush would agree with us when we say that sometimes, that’s just how racing goes. We wish him the best in getting this incredible machine back out there once again!