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Hellcat has a Heck of a Hard Time Getting to Snow Covered Gas Station…

With most car enthusiasts, I think that there are a wide group of people who will tell you that they absolutely refuse to take their car out in the snow or even the rain. Many people spend a lot of time, effort, and money on their car so in a lot of cases, folks will choose to pick up an additional vehicle as a daily driver that they don’t really mind getting a little bit beat up and weathered out the elements. This is when they take the opportunity to lock up their pride and joy and, in addition, I don’t know that I would necessarily coin a rear wheel drive muscle car as the best vehicle to drive around in the elements.

This time, however, it would appear as if somebody either daily drives a Dodge Challenger Hellcat or just wanted to go out to play in the snow, however, it doesn’t appear as if the Hellcat really wanted to oblige as the wintry conditions seemed to provide a little bit more than the supercharged beast of a rear wheel drive machine wanted to handle. Instead, we watch as the car slips and slides into a gas station, trying to maintain contact with the ground as the rear end simply doesn’t want to grab any sort of traction. Even though it’s all at a low speed, that has to be a little bit scary being that sideways near gas pumps.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with the scene as the driver of this hellacious kitty tries to grapple with the snow and seems to be in a losing battle. Hopefully, he was able to keep it straight enough to be able to navigate his way back home and park the car up in his garage and driveway where it would be safe from the elements.