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Dodge Hellcat UBER: Teen Riders Request a Burnout!

UBER is one of the cooler concepts modern technology has helped bring into existence. You can literally summon a ride with a few taps on your phone and have a driver take you anywhere, within reason, for a reasonable price.

One thing the service isn’t known for is performance, with most of the drivers opting to take the fuel-sipping route when choosing a ride to shuttle others around town in. Some do choose cushy SUV’s to surround the passengers in comfort in hopes of keeping that all-important star rating up, but rarely will a driver show up in a legitimate sports car.

Then there’s this guy, who shows up in one of the most badass modern sports cars on the planet, a Challenger Hellcat. His young clients are going across town to Wal Mart, and the UBER driver gets them there in record time thanks to the 700 horsepower on tap under the Hellcat’s hood. He even does a nice, smoky burnout leaving a traffic signal to earn the boys’ 5-star rating!