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Guy In Dodge Truck Says “Screw It” And Drives Through Protest

It seems like, in this day and age, that there is a protest just about every other week. People seem really motivated to get behind a cause these days and lots of them have decided that heading out to the streets is the best way to handle voicing their opinion. We aren’t here to try and sway you one way or the other but rather to show a driver who has clearly made his actions speak to his opinion of the protest.

This time, the scene of the drama is coming at us from Durham, North Carolina where folks fled to the streets for “May Day,” a day that once was used to celebrate the beginning of summer but has transformed into a means where people now head to the streets to protest their opinions in an attempt that they would convey is their way of pushing a change to the way that things are.


In this particular scenario, a massive group of people collected in the streets with the topics at hand being everything from workers’ rights to immigrant rights, all the way to better conditions for inmates at a local prison. It just so happens that, their method of protesting, which involves them blocking the streets, wasn’t really something that this Cummins owner cared too much for.

Down in the video below, we watch at the Dodge Ram and its trailer pushes its way through the group of protesters to get to wherever it is that this guy had to go. Do you think that the driver was in the right here? Do you think that the protesters were in the right here? It turns out that local law enforcement is taking a step back here as no charges are being pressed on either party involved in the mixup.