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Dodge Releases a New Challenger Trim Level That’s ALMOST a Demon

Dodge has promised us that you’ll never be able to order another Demon from them. Technically, they’re keeping that promise… technically.

Today, the brand has pulled the covers off of a new variation of the Dodge Challenger as the Challenger Super Stock was born. From the fender flares to the wheel combination, this thing is pretty close in appearance to the Demon. In fact, we would argue that, at a glance, they’re pretty difficult to tell apart.

How close is it in character, though?

Dodge says that they went “Back to the Demon toolbox” to offer up more traction. With the car, we find 3.09 gears, lightweight 4-piston Brembo brakes, 18×11 wheels, and 315 Nitto drag radials. The Redeye-based machine is relatively similar to last year’s model, otherwise. However, it’ll offer 10 more horsepower, bringing the total to 807 hp.

The machine is said to run 10.50s in the quarter-mile with bone stock trim. This will once again, give Dodge the reigns to the quickest and most powerful muscle car on the market given that the Demon is no longer in production.

Long story short, the Super Stock has a lot to offer. While it’s climbing the ranks of Challenger hierarchy, it still hasn’t quite reached Demon status on a couple of metrics as it falls about 30 horsepower short and is almost a second slower in the quarter-mile. It also doesn’t come with all of those cool accessories that the Demon offered up in the Demon crate, either.

However, the car does give us a more realistic production model that isn’t going to have people jacking up the prices and trying to make a quick buck on the secondhand market. While we don’t have official pricing on the model, we can guarantee that this one won’t have the same scarcity problems that people looking to get into the Demon featured.

To see the car, in the flesh, the video below has you covered!


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