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Does Harbor Freight Make Better Toolboxes Than Snap-on? Let’s Find Out

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on May 28, 2021

If you want to start an argument in a garage filled with mechanically inclined people, start a conversation about tool manufacturers. This is definitely an area where most people are going to have their different opinions and for the most part, it seems as if everybody can be right to some extent.

Ever since Harbor Freight came on the scene, offering similar tools to the higher-end brands at a lower price, we have seen some pretty interesting releases. At the end of the day, top-tier brands like Snap-on are going to charge a pretty penny while Harbor Freight might come in at a fraction of the cost. While Harbor Freight likes to compare itself to these high-end brands, some folks would argue that it’s not exactly fair to do so with the quality of the product made by each.

I think that most people who have used a mixture of tool brands will tell you that some of these cheap tools can end up being rather surprising. However, there are others that are just simply a waste of money. It’s up to the person making the decisions to figure out which is which.

Fortunately, these days, we don’t have to just walk into the store and drop a bunch of money in order to learn about which tools are good and which are a waste. Instead, there are videos all over the web that attempt to show us if something is worth spending the money on or not.

This time, we dive into a couple of toolboxes that are on display against one another.

On one hand, our creator has purchased a Harbor Freight box that he has had for a couple of years. However, the latest addition to the garage is a Snap-on box that might be able to take the spotlight. Down in the video below, we get to see if the box that costs a fraction of the price can possibly stand up to the high-end price point product.

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