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Does This Earthmover Have Enough Power? Caterpillar CAT 992K Plays With a Big Stone

Even though, most of time, we might focus our energy toward vehicles that have some sort of pop whether it be high-performance or big-time luxury, sometimes, it’s better to look at the vehicles that are more raw and unrefined, those that aren’t designed for road use but instead have a single purpose at hand as they act as heavy equipment, becoming the earthmovers that are some of the biggest muscle machines you’ll ever run into, providing a service that is second to none as they take that strength that they have within and use it the lift things that many probably would’ve never thought to be possible.

This time, we take a look at a Caterpillar 922K, a wheel loader that’s designed with moving the really big stuff in mind. However, even though it might be designed to put in some work with hauling around the materials that need some real muscle behind them, that isn’t to say that it could tackle any job that you could think of. Eventually, it’s going to run across something a little bit too much for it to haul to the point where might need a little bit of backup to get the job done. This time, we check out a stone that might be just that nemesis that will bring the Caterpillar down.

In this one, we check out the scene is this massive earthmover attempts to put its muscles of the test, grappling with the massive rock that needs to be taken out of the way but does it need more muscle to accomplish that goal. In this one, you might find yourself actually cheering on the piece heavy equipment as an attempts to get the job done but whether or not it will be successful is up for you to see as you check out the video for yourself.


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