Doing a Burnout in Front of a Cop is NEVER a Good Idea

Most of us are guilty of it it, and if not, we have a buddy who’s guilty of it: doing ...

Most of us are guilty of it it, and if not, we have a buddy who’s guilty of it: doing a burnout right in front of the cops! It never fails, anytime a good burnout is laid down, there’s a cop right there to spoil the fun. The guy in this Honda had a massive crowd cheering him on, so if he wanted to keep his man card, he really had no choice. Judging by the cops location in proximity to the Civic, the crowd just might have trolled him into smoking the tires, knowing the cop was just a few yards away.

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This reminds me of a story from my younger days. I went with a group of buddies to a town about an hour away to their weekly cruise in around the town square. We’d been hanging out for a couple of hours and decided to pull out and cruise a while. Of course, we were immediately told to spin ‘em over, so my friend lays down a burnout the length of the courthouse square in his antique pickup with big meaty tires and a healthy small block under the hood. I plan to try to show him up, only to totally blow it, spinning the tires only a few feet in my six speed WS6 thanks to a lack of concentration leading me to leave the traction control activated.

However, my tires spun just enough to get the attention of the local officer, undoubtedly brought my direction by the smoke show put on by my buddy in his pickup. But I was the one who got the ticket. Luckily, as is often the case in small town Alabama, I knew somebody that knew somebody and the ticket went away, mysteriously wiped from the docket a couple of days before my court date.

There’s a lesson to be learned in both of these anecdotes: If you’re gonna do a burnout, DO A BURNOUT! If you get a ticket for it, you want to be the guy who got a ticket for a big gnarly burnout, not the guy who got one for barely spinning the tires over because he left traction control on!

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