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Dominator vs Blown Camaro Run That Goes Wild At Street Outlaws Live!

Seeing the guys on Street Outlaws tackle races on the television screen is definitely a special experience but seeing the live and raw footage or being able to see it in person when they go to battle is definitely also a special experience that we wouldn’t want to miss if given the opportunity. Some of these car and driver combinations are really once-in-a-lifetime combos that you’ve absolutely got to lay eyes on while they’re laying down the power and get the full picture of what’s so easy to be able to appreciate. Sometimes, the final edited product that’s designed to save time for television’s sake might leave some other parts out that really make your heart sing for these cars.

This time, we follow along to the Street Outlaws Live event that brings the guys to the track to really show off their rides to fans in person. For the people that were there, they really got the opportunity to not only see what these cars look like while blistering down the track but also to listen in to the screaming engines and really get the feeling of what it’s like to be trackside while some of the most aggressive drivers in the business do what they do best. It’s a unique opportunity and after seeing a race like this, you’ll probably wish that you were on scene to watch the action for yourself.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll watch as Dominator goes head-to-head with a blown Chevrolet Camaro when all of a sudden, everything goes awry. You can’t help but feel for the driver behind the wheel of the Camaro as, for the entire race, he seems to be battling with traction until he finally loses it, sliding across the track and colliding with the wall. At the end of the day, the driver was alright, however, that car is going to need a little bit of fixing. Here’s to wishing him a quick and speedy recovery for that bad bowtie with the hopes that it sees the track again soon.