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Dom’s Fast and Furious Charger Was Originally Scripted as 6-Cylinder FWD Buick + More Original Script Fails

Too Much NOS!

As we sift through Fast and Furious movies, we think that most gearheads find them entertaining. However, there are certain things that are stretched a little bit. We will just go ahead and call them artistic liberties. One of these liberties, for example, is the ever so expansive use of nitrous in the movies.

Those who race and actually use nitrous might’ve noticed a couple of things when the original film was released. First and foremost, constantly referring to nitrous as “NOS” was probably a little annoying. When the film came out, I was personally nine years old so I didn’t pay much attention. There were a couple of other creative liberties taken as well.

This time, we join in yet again with Craig Lieberman, the technical advisor to the first three Fast and Furious movies. In addition to explaining where the “NOS” concept came from, he gives us even more insider info. Some of the points that he brings up could’ve completely changed the course of the movie altogether.

The Originally Picked Cars

In this one, one of the things that Lieberman decides to spill the beans about is the original car selection. As it turns out, very few of the machines that ended up in the film were originally in the script. In fact, when he begins to tell us about the original cars, you might just get a nice little laugh. In fact, a six-cylinder 1990 Buick Regal was supposed to be the hero car that eventually got replaced by the iconic Dodge Charger. Could you even imagine that playing out? The movie would’ve definitely been a flop.

By following along with the video below, we get even more keen insight into how this movie came together. As it turns out, everything from the storylines to certain character points was altered by the time the original script made it to the screen. This just goes to show how much something like this can develop when a whole team of people gets their hands on it. If the right team comes into contact with the project, we get a fantastic flick like The Fast and the Furious.