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Donk On 26s Dominates Everything In Sight On The Strip!!

In this day and age, you never know what kind of car in what kind of condition will sneak up on you and eat your breakfast. This time, we check out a machine that is the true definition of a sleeper with very little left to indicate that the person behind the wheel is even trying to go fast! Even the most trained of the racing enthusiasts probably wouldn’t bat an eye at this thing, but after watching it take off from the starting line, it’s definitely something that’s going to draw more than its fair share of attention the next time that it pulls up to the starting line to do a little bit of testing and tuning!

This time, the action is coming from an incredibly clean old Chevy that looks like attention has been paid to detail in almost every facet as this mean machine sitting on some serious chrome is as fast as it is clean with a shine that you could see from space. However, even with all that heaviness sitting underneath of the car with the massive wheels that won’t allow for much tire, this thing provides a pretty big surprise at Holley LS Fest as the machine surprises car after car on its way to victory.

Check out the video below that shows off this LSx powered donk with both nitrous and a supercharger making some magic out there on the racing surface and using its show worthy appearance to act as something that the opposition probably never saw coming!

The car, that’s certainly a showpiece also comes with a purpose as the underlying story, one that tugs at the heartstrings, tells of a young man who tragically took his own life. The car surges forward as a reminder that suicide is truly something that could affect anyone, as the machine is slated to do some serious racing while attempting to raise awareness.

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