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Don’t Let The 24 Inch Rims Fool You…..It’s a BEAST!

When most of us think of taking a car down the drag strip, or watching cars at the track, we think of either stock cars with factory wheels and tires, or we think of a wheel/tire combo designed to help shave time off the ET. When we think of massive, flashy wheels that are north of 20 inches in diameter, we tend to think of cruising the strip, and we don’t mean the drag strip. However, there are plenty of gearheads out there that build these cars with massive wheels and tires that can still get it done on the track too!

This Monte Carlo SS is a perfect example of having both looks and power combined to create a badass ride for the street or the strip. As a grudge car, there isn’t too much information available about the car itself, since any info that gets back to potential opponents could give them an advantage, but we can tell the car sounds badass and runs pretty strong despite pulling hundredes of pounds of extra weight in those 24″ wheels and tires.

There’s a clip at the very beginning of the video showing just how much difference there is between the car on slicks and the car on 24’s, so for those of you who think the car is too slow, just know it is nothing more than a wheel swap away from yanking the front wheel a couple of feet in the air and laying down a “Bust your ass” pass. It sounds like he’s running on motor for the passes with the big gold wheels bolted up then adding a healthy shot of nitrous when he’s on the slicks and skinnies. Either way, this is not a car to be taken lightly if you roll up on him at the stoplight.