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Don’t Put Liquid Nitrogen into a Plastic Bottle

If there is one thing that we have found that the Crazy Russian Hacker is quite fond of, that “thing” would happen to be liquid nitrogen. We have to admit that the experiments look like a lot of fun but, you know, the kind of fun that you would rather sit on this side of the screen and watch because some rather dangerous situations always seem to rear their heads.

This time, our favorite off-the-wall Russian takes the liberty of pouring the substance in a water bottle and sealing it off tight to see what happens to the container. To give you a little hint of what you can expect to see, the result is rather, shall we say, explosive.

The suspense builds as he seals off the bottle and runs away as the pressure seems to be building by the second before the bottle can simply handle the contents no more.

Get a front row seat to the action down the video below that will show you what happens when such elements are all combined together. Don’t get too close, though, because this is going to get rather volatile.