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Don’t Ride the Clutch or This Can Happen! Featuring a Subaru Impreza

When it comes to getting down the basics of driving a manual transmission, it isn’t exactly rocket science. Once you get the hang of things, it’s just like riding a bike and you’ll probably never forget how to drive a car with a clutch pedal. There might be a learning curve there, but you’ll get it soon!

However, even for the more experienced drivers among us, there are some bad habits and tendencies that you won’t want to pick up when driving a stick shift. One of those bad habits is that of riding the clutch or, in other words, keeping your foot on the pedal when it shouldn’t be touching it.

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This time, we check out the results of such an action when a stick shift car gets broken down and the mechanic here explains to us why exactly he can tell that the driver of this car was, in fact, riding the clutch a little bit too much and what kind of damage such a small and seemingly harmless action can really do when it comes to parts that live within.

Check out the video below to take a dive inside of this manual Subaru transmission to see exactly what happens when you form a bad habit like this one. Watching a video like this will make you think twice the next time you head out to drive your stick shift car.

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