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Doug DeMuro Gives us the Best Look Yet at the 2021 Hummer

When it comes to getting up close and personal with a wide variety of automobiles, look no further than Doug DeMuro. Basically, his channel revolves around going through vehicles with a fine-tooth comb, touching on a little bit of everything that a potential buyer or avid car fan might want to know about. With that, many would probably argue that DeMuro gives us the best chance to really learn a lot about automobiles, even more so than interacting with these vehicles ourselves.

This time, that’s precisely the storyline as DeMuro managed to get his hands on a brand new Hummer. The upcoming 2021 GMC Hummer will take a shot at electrifying General Motors. Essentially, the nameplate gives them the opportunity to dive into the world of the electric truck. While GM didn’t really make too much noise in the electric market after a couple of failed attempts, it appears as if the Hummer will be their first real shot at making some waves.

On paper, the Hummer promises over 1000 hp and an astronomical amount of torque. However, performance figures aside, we can’t help but wonder how this thing is going to look inside and out. What’s going to be so special about this truck that will differentiate it from the rest of the electrified trucks that are sure to make their way to market?

In this one, we get to find out just that as yet again, DeMuro breaks out his expertise in looking over automobiles and really dissecting them. After this, we think that just about everybody, even those incredibly passionate about the Hummer, will be a little bit more well-informed if the truck is on their radar as a potential purchase.

We have to admit that after seeing something like this, we can’t help but get a little bit more excited about what the market might potentially have to offer in the near future. As we are still in the infancy of electric vehicles hitting the mainstream of transportation, something like this really gets the wheels turning.