Doug DeMuro Tours the Dodge Durango Hellcat – “Worlds Craziest 3-Row SUV”

If there is one thing that we truly admire about the Dodge, it’s that they ...

If there is one thing that we truly admire about the Dodge, it’s that they really listen to the consumer. As the performance degenerates that we are, one of our long-running requests is to stick performance applications in just about every rolling platform imaginable.

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Call us strange but we want to be able to see just about every model go fast. It doesn’t matter if it’s a minivan or a coupe, these sorts of things are just interesting to us.

This time, we get to check in with one of the heaviest performance vehicles in the industry. In fact, there probably aren’t many who thought that a high performance Dodge Durango would be something that the company would even consider. However, lo and behold, here we are with the 2021 model year and Dodge is bringing the Hellcat powertrain to their heaviest SUV. In fact, this thing is so wild that even Doug DeMuro calls it the “World’s craziest 3-row SUV.”

In typical DeMuro fashion, this video takes the opportunity to go over this wild stallion in its natural state. This one gives us the once over on the Hellcat powered Durango, giving us an idea of what exactly consumers are getting themselves into here. With over 700 hp on tap, the SUV is going to be a machine that is guaranteed to get the kids to soccer practice in a timely fashion. All jokes aside, the offering really goes a far way toward trying to make the family SUV something that’s a little bit more appealing. Even if it’s only available for a single year, the Hellcat powered Durango shows us that Dodge is making an effort!

By following along with the video below, we get the full rundown on what exactly this thing is all about. If there’s a manufacturer out there trying to revitalize performance as we know it, Dodge is just that brand.

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