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Doug Reeds Nasty El Camino Wheelies 3 Times and STILL Wins!!

At this weekend’s 13th annual Street Car Super Nationals held at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, one of the main attractions was the Big Tire No Time class. While many events in the no-time world don’t allow cars that have “lit the boards” or showed their ET’s in the past year to compete, the rules at SCSN are a little more relaxed, opening the class up to more cars to come out and put on a show for the fans.

One car in particular took that concept to an awesome new level with this run, caught by our good friend Hans from Free Life Films, the exclusive video partner of the SCSN. As most of you have probably learned by now, Free Life Films is on hand for many of the events we attend and always captures the best moments, and thankfully Hans came through yet again when he caught this pass.

In the opening round of the Big Tire No Time shootout, Doug Reed lined up alongside this matte black 1955 Chevy and proceeded to pull off one of the ballsiest feats we’ve ever seen. As soon as the car left the line, the nose began to climb, steadily gaining altitude as it traversed the 1/8th mile. By the time Doug reached the 330’ cone, the wheelie bars were planted on the ground and the nose was a couple of feet in the air.

Reed, realizing he was still out front and not wanting to left and take a chance on the other car driving around him on the top end, Doug decided instead to just briefly lift out of the throttle, then pin it back wide open. When he did that, the front tires simply bounced off the asphalt and right back into the air, leaving Reed in the same predicament as the first wheel stand. However, with the other car still nowhere to be seen, he gave the throttle one more rip and pinned it wide open again until he crossed the stripe, well ahead of the coasting ’55 in the other lane.

Despite drifting close to the retaining wall, Doug didn’t contact the barrier, meaning he would get the win and move on to the next round of competition, earning him one of the most impressive wins of all time.