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Downhill SnowKayaking is the Injection of Adrenaline That Winter Sports Needs

Downhill SnowKayaking is the Injection of Adrenaline That Winter Sports Needs

If there are two things that go together about as well as peanut butter and jelly, we would say that snow-based sports and adrenaline definitely have quite the bond. However, in a landscape where there are already lots of adrenaline-pumping athletes and formats, Red Bull keeps on turning up the volume. We would actually go so far as to say that Red Bull is the undisputed leading brand in the action sports category.

This time, we get the check out yet another unique display brought to us by the folks at Red Bull. It isn’t just a case of them sponsoring an athlete or even a driver. Instead, we get to see an entirely new sport come to life. We can’t decide if this is one that we just enjoy watching or if we want to try out. There’s a fine line somewhere between the thrill of downhill competition and pure insanity. Let’s just say that this particular sport tiptoes that line.

The sport in question has been dubbed “Snowkayaking.” Red Bull tells us it’s the sport that we didn’t know we needed and we’re kind of inclined to agree with that.

While the concept is basic, the result is definitely something to feast our eyes on. Essentially, riders strap themselves in traditional kayaks but instead of finding their way into the water, they are subjected to a snowy downhill blitz. It kind of reminds us of those Barbie Jeep races that you need to absolutely see if you haven’t had the opportunity.

Here is one example that we can’t help but love.

Anyway, the winner of these snow kayaking competitions wins by getting to the bottom and being launched into the water in what looks like a freezing atmosphere. By following along with the video below, we get to tune in with the action.

Is this a competition that you would be brave enough to step up to the plate and have a whirl at competing in?


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