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Drag Week Legend Larry Larson Alters Truck To Fit Rules, Headed to Tucson!

Drag Week legend Larry Larson has taken a real liking to the world of no prep, and he’s taken a couple of big wins in his badass twin turbo S10 pickup to prove he’s not just there for fun. However, a recent rules “clarification” has left Larry on the uninvited list to several events and tapings for a certain television show because the body style of his truck didn’t match the VIN.

Never one to walk away from a game he wants to play, Larson called upon renown chassis builder – and accomplished problem solver – Larry Larson. That’s right, Larson is more than capable of handling this type of wrench in his plans, so he decided to rectify the situation and get his name back on the list for invitees. The discrepancy between the truck as it sat and the VIN lay in the wheelbase and the length of the bed. I’ll try my best to succinctly explain the situation.

The truck as it formerly sat had the same wheelbase as a single cab S10 with a long bed. However, the bed itself wasn’t a long bed. The front wheels had been pushed forward a few inches to make the truck handle better at speed, which would have made the wheelbase a tad too long for a single cab short bed S10. So how does one go about making a totally custom short bed into a long bed? Well, just just chop off the back couple of feet from a donor S10 and add it to the rear of the current bed. With what would be best described as a “severely truncated timetable”, Larson mocked up the addition and…

Duct taped it on.

That’s right. The back 2 feet or so of the bed on Larson’s S10 is now hanging by a stellar tape job. You can see in the photos from Larson Race Cars’ Facebook page that they did a stellar job with the duct tape, matching the colors and stripes very well. With the additional bed length in place, Larson is now legal for this weekend’s event in Tucson, AZ and should be among the front runners for the $40,000 winners purse! We have guys on the property so we will have results as soon as they are available later this afternoon.