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Dramatic Finish as Big Chief vs Daddy Dave Unfolds in Cash Days Finals

No matter who we’re looking at, the 405’s Street Outlaws has heavy hitters. Sometimes, when it comes to tournament style racing, a lucky draw can give a racer an advantage. No matter how even the field, sometimes there will be a chance for a stronger car to take it easy. However, when it comes to the guys we see on Street Outlaws, that doesn’t happen much with the 405. When it comes to some of the top billing names like Big Chief and Daddy Dave, we can expect an especially good race. These guys always bring their best performance on every last pass.

This time, we get an especially awesome treat as the two heavy hitters managed to get all the way to the finals in Cash Days. With all the marbles on the line, we find that Texas has been eliminated and it’s an exclusive 405 final. No matter who takes home the win, the 405 is bringing home victory.

However, behind the race, the story gets even deeper. As far as history goes, these drivers have plenty. You see, Limpy’s Cash Days events are about as big as it gets in competition like this. Both drivers have been in almost all of the events. Dave has managed to win it all before, but Chief is still hungry for his first victory in one of the events. As if this kind of a race wasn’t good enough, the drama really makes it pop off of the screen.

As far as the race itself, things couldn’t have gotten much better. Watching these cars make their way down the street surface is always a joy. It takes an extra step of ability to be able to wheel this caliber of car on a surface that isn’t always forgiving. Who will be able to take it home on this night? Only one way to find out!