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Drift Rod = Saab power + Ford Body: Meet Urchfab

Drift Rod = Saab power + Ford Body: Meet Urchfab

In the world of car lovers, obviously modification is one of the staples that keeps everything together, but for this hot rodder, basic modification simply would not do.

Instead of just buying parts off the shelf, or even picking up his favorite car and applying homemade custom touches, he went to a whole new level, indeed.

His car would be completely constructed from the ground up. The owner says that he likes the fact that he can say that he built something completely from scratch.

Check out the unique drift rod in the video below that showcases the machine built in six months from a 1953 Ford cab that he found with the back cut off and a whole bunch of parts that were ready to get crushed, but saved, including the car’s Saab power plant.


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