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Drill Powered Winch Build – Redneck Engineering at it’s Finest

No matter what job it is that you need to get done, there is probably a perfect set of tools out there that could make the process be carried out more efficient by getting it done quicker and sometimes even making the finished product come out better.

Even though that statement might be true, for the majority of us out here wrenching on our toys on the weekends or fixing up that faulty part that just went out on the family cruiser, to save a couple of bucks from sending it to mechanic, we don’t have an unlimited bank account designed to support all of our tool buying habits.

So, in a certain situation where a specific tool item might be considered a luxury and an expensive one at that, what do you do if you don’t want to spend the extra cash to go out and buy it? Well, if you ask this guy, you take apart a couple of other tools, through some new parts into the mix, and create your very own version of the perfect tool for yourself.

Check out the video below that shows off the process as this guy somehow starts with a come-along and ends up with a drill powered winch of sorts that he shows is able to lift an entire car down in the video below. Now, I wouldn’t personally slap the Speed Society seal of safety approval on this thing but it does look like something that could come in handy from time to time.


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